TPRI is part of the Children's Learning Institute at UTHealth

How To Order TPRI Kits

Only selected companies may sell or distribute TPRI materials. To be licensed, a company must meet stringent requirements to ensure the reliability and validity of the assessments. Materials may be ordered as described below. For information on the conclusion of the ordering period for TPRI Kits provided by TEA, click here.

Paper and Pencil Versions

brookesAll Schools Nationwide

K-3 Benchmark Kits and K-3 Progress Monitoring Kits

Contact Brookes Publishing at 1-800-638-3775.

Electronic Versions (Ordering the TPRI on Handheld Devices)

tangoAll Schools Nationwide

Orders for Electronic Versions of the TPRI & Progress Monitoring Kits Nationwide

Assessments may be administered electronically. Check with the following licensed vendor for specific options:

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